School reopens on 03.06.2019 for I STD to X GRADE & 06.06.2019 for KG

    Admission open for the Academic Year 2019-20 PRE KG TO XI GRADE


  • Admission open for the Academic Year 2019-20 PRE KG TO XI GRADE

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KLN Group of Institution | KLN CBSE   One of the K.L.N. Group of institutions

KLN Group of Institution | KLN CBSE  Well Qualified and Experienced teachers

KLN Group of Institution | KLN CBSE  Montessori and play-way method of teaching

KLN Group of Institution | KLN CBSE  Restricted Class strength based on CBSE norms

Learning System

     Our school approaches its responsibilities with a worldwide perspective instilling creative thinking in students and widening their knowledge.

Books and Library

     we have books from libraries in all over INDIA. Books include course materials, story books, softwares and E-books

Certified Teachers

     Teachers aim to provide quality education to all students studying in the school. We also teach them values of learning and extra curricular activities.


      Our school has trees all over the campus so that students have peaceful environment to learn things easily.

Our Goals



‘Satyameva Jeyate’-Truth alone Triumphs is the Mantra of our nation which is inscribed in our National Emblem.
“Trust in God and Trust God is Man” we should see god in every man and create a loving and peaceful society.
“If you have a passion for something you’ll create the Talent”



We aim to promote physical,intellectual moral, social and cultural growth in each student.
We will strive to form well integrated persons who will create a vibrant and positive society.Our education, ensures Passion for knowledge,Personality development,Social awareness, Leadership and self-dependence.



Make education more relevant, effective and interesting through excellent innovative quality teaching, enriching aesthetic sense and moral values to meet the challenges of the society.
To provide leadership and inspiration for learning and human development in urban communities.




Excellence:We value excellence in teaching, service and research. We are committed to promoting creative and critical thinking among faculty, students and staff within a culture of inspiration, high expectations, accountability and quality service to students.
Leadership: We value and are committed to exercising leadership characterized by innovation and vision.

We are Passionate About Our Work


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